John Palmer c. Christopher Manser

In February 1487, John Palmer sued Christopher Manser over unpaid debts. The witnesses both testify that sometime during the first three weeks of Lent (February or early March) 1486 they heard Manser acknowledging that he owed money to Palmer and swearing an oath to repay a specific amount in the next two weeks. He presumablyContinue reading “John Palmer c. Christopher Manser”

Sir John Bolsar c. Thomas Pumpe

There’s some interesting evidence about local conflict-resolution through arbitration in this case. It involves a quarrel between a vicar and a layman about rent on a piece of land; there is also something obscure about the defendant having to perform penance, which may simply relate to an earlier stage of this same case or hintContinue reading “Sir John Bolsar c. Thomas Pumpe”