[Unknown] c. Agnes Punchon

This is a frustrating kind of record: all we know is that Agnes Punchon appeared in the Consistory in June 1492, and denied whatever it was that an unnamed plaintiff alleged against her. It’s on this website (a) because I am a pedantic completist; and (b) in case someone else can link it up with another record somewhere else that this might shed on!

LMA, MS DL/C/A/001/MS09065, fol. 111v

Response of Agnes Punchon, 4 Jun. 1492

Responses made personally by Agnes Punchon, 4 June, A.D. [14]92, before Master Richard Blodewell, doctor of laws, commissary of the lord official of the Consistory of London.

Agnes Punchon, sworn on the positions etc. To the first, second, and third position, she denies their contents. To the fourth position, she denies its contents. To the fifth position, she says that what she confessed above is true and that as for the other contents of the position she responds negatively. To the sixth position, she does not believe its contents to be true.

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